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Why I Voted For Austin’s Urban Rail Proposal

And Why You Should Too (if you're a registered voter in Austin, TX) A week ago, I cast my early-vote ballot here in Austin. Just like many of you did (or will do today) in your own communities. Along with the typical laundry list of candidate selections (governor, state representatives, mayor, city council, school board, etc.) I also voted for Proposition 1, to authorize the … [Read More...]

Pittsburgh Market Square

The 5 Features of Great Public Spaces

What exactly makes a public space great? You know a great public space when you experience it. Vibrant public spaces are active places filled with people from all walks of life. But what are the features most commonly found in the best public spaces? I will … [Read More...]

Times Square, New York, NY (Photo from NYCDOT)

This is How the Government is Supposed to Work

Do you know anyone who claims to be against government and for business?  What most people mean when they say this is that they're against bad government. This type of thinking tends to create an anti-government mentality that portrays any type of … [Read More...]